About us

Welcome to Arkprino Nigeria Limited

Arkprino Nigeria Limited has  a wide range of experience in Architectural supervision and construction works, having designed and constructed a large number of works ranging from residential, commercial and industrial designs. Some of these works include Schools, Churches, Public malls, Fly-overs, Masts, Airport designs etc

The company was formed by its current directors in 2017.


Core competencies

Arkprino offers what amounts to a ‘one-stop shop’ for its clients, constantly upgrading its services in order to be able to act as both the client’s representative and surveyor, as well as project manager. Great emphasis is placed on sustainable, contemporary designs and construction with high quality interior craftmanship. 

Arkprino’s success is based upon its simple but highly effective approach: understand, imagine, interpret and express. Its designers gain an intimate knowledge and undersanding of what each individual client desire, then addding a sense of drama and theatre – producing a stage upon which clients themselves are both actor and audience.

Utilizing its varied experience, plus classic flair and style, Arkprino designers combine architectural aesthetics with practicality. The aim is always to satisfy the particular needs of each individual client, be they private or corporate. But crucially, everything is done within the watchwords of ‘budget’ and ‘timeframe’.

Arkprino’s knowledge of interior design and architecture at an international level, plus its expertise in new technologies, in the built environment has increased its sentivitiy in urban design.

Work Experience

A wide range of experience from full Architectural practice; haven undertaken several commercial, institutional, industrial and residential projects. Arkprino provides full architectural services including design, contract documentation, contract administration, cost estimating and feasibility studies along with environmental assessment report for Rent-Resource Concepts and Encroachment Licenses. The office is equipped with architectural and graphical drawing programs used in the preparation of concept design presentations and contract documentation.

Our Directors

Akhimien Princewill .O.


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BSc. Building 

MSc. Construction Management




Akhimien Noah Gethsemane

Director 1

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BSc. Architecture 

MSc. Architecture




Engr. Nathaniel Osinimu Soje

Director 2

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Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja


Engineer (COREN)

Project Manager


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