Smart Homes …A walk to Sci-NonFiction

This article is not to ridicule the underdeveloped and developing countries but to cause a stir in our minds. I had a conversation with my sister in over a “WhatsApp call” (another technological advancement) about this smart piece of technology. It took me back to a number of futuristic movies I have seen. I had to ask myself is it possible for a house to have such features? Is ScienceFiction now nonFiction? The answer to that….will get to it shortly but let me fully divulge what this smart home is because I know you’d be wondering by now.Wikipedia  calls it home

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The Mission of Arkprino

The Goal of Arkprino was motivated with need to create designs and structures of unmatched perfection. With the prevailing quackery in the industry, Arkprino construction LTD is committed towards conceptualizing and executing projects of high standard and performance in accordance with best practice. We have successfully being in the construction industry for over a decade with our outstanding projects standing amazingly formidable, a true quality of Architectural magnificence which tells what Arkprino has been about. We do not only want to create your imagination but also set the standard with every project defining the stethoscope of the built environment. Share

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